تعطيل النجومتعطيل النجومتعطيل النجومتعطيل النجومتعطيل النجوم

The Extent of Principals’ Application of the Transformational
Leadership and its Relationship to the Level of Job Satisfaction
among Teachers of Galilee Region

Sohil Jameel Haj1 Ali Mohammed Jubran2
1.Ph. D. Scholar, Educational Administration, Yarmouk University, Jordan
2. Associate Prof. of Educational Administration & Fundamentals of Education, College of Education, Yarmouk
University, Jordan


The current study aimed to identify the degree of applying the transformational leadership in school administration (among principals), the level of job satisfaction among teachers, and investigate the relationship to each other. The sample consisted of (182) teachers, who were randomly selected from teachers of Galilee region inside the Green Line for the academic year 2015/2016. Two questionnaires utilized in this study after validity and reliability verified: the first is the questionnaire of practicing the transformational leadership and the second is job satisfaction questionnaire. The results showed that the degree of applying the transformational leadership in school administration among teachers of Galilee is very high, and that the degree of job satisfaction
among teachers is also very high, and the results showed no differences in the level of applying the transformational leadership and the level of job satisfaction due to gender, academic qualification, years of experience and level of school. The results showed statistically significant positive relationship between the application of transformational leadership and job satisfaction. The study recommended the need to maintain the high level of applying the transformational leadership among principals through providing them with training courses, seminars and lectures on style of transformational leadership, its fields and its impact on the development and evolution of teaching-learning process.

Keywords: School administration, transformational leadership, job satisfaction, Galilee region.